We must not only choose the paint correctly but also choose the right tools for our surface. If we choose the cheapest materials and tools, we will end up more tired, and the result is probably worse.

Basic techniques to achieve good paint

In order to achieve a good color, we have to mix and stir all the contents in a single container. Paint should spread over the surface without dripping or dripping.

Use brushes correctly

  • Insert the brush well up to one-third of the bristles inside the paint tray. Not completely. It is usually a very common mistake for many people.
  • To delineate an edge, painters Parker CO suggest to use the narrow side of the brush. Thus we draw correctly.
  • To paint flat surfaces well, use the wide part of the brush.

The use of the roller

  • The areas should be painted in small sections and work from surfaces that are dry to those that have fresher paint to avoid marks.
  • Insert the roller into the tray with paint and make it roll from one end of the wall to the other to distribute paint over the entire roller.

The roof of the house

Before painting, we must think about the roofs of the house. Normally they receive no attention and can be important in the painting of the house. Current trends avoid the color white, being a light gray shade to achieve a better fresh environment. With a cream color, we can opt for a more welcoming environment.

Interior Designer


Cream Color


Cream white or grayish

We avoid that the stay is austere. The reason? It transmits the curtain sensation, ideal for setting rooms, especially in areas with projections or large screens.