The best distribution for a house is one that follows the logic of the use of the spaces. And it is essential to achieve comfort and avoid walks. If there is a maxim in this to get a comfortable house through the organization of spaces is that the kitchen is near the dining room. This way, you will avoid walks. You will be practical.

When there is room to store and organize, picking up is less lazy, and finding everything is easier. So place cabinets exempt or recessed and tailored in each hole you find. Ah! And watch out for the opening of the doors and the space you have. The sliding opening may also make your life easier.

One thing leads to another. With fair furniture and clear surfaces, the feeling of spaciousness and order is greater. The feeling of well – being increases, but the cleaning task is also simplified by having fewer “junk.” This will make you feel that you live in a comfortable house.

If to go from one place to another in your house, you need to “dodge” furniture, and you must remedy it. The passageways must facilitate it so they must be cleared, without furniture or other parts that hinder. This way, you will feel that the flow between environments is more comfortable.

It may have happened to you that you buy a gift that you will give to the entertained in a couple of days. Or that you have to put aside some clothes that you have to bring to a friend next week. Where do you leave it? Having a hole in a closet (a shelf, for example) or a specific drawer to leave things that you have to “solve” or that are pending or in transit will help you on a day-to-day basis with the organization.

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